New Hanover Light Extravaganza

Christmas Lights Extravaganza

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Check out these awesome places in New Hanover to view a variety of Christmas Lights. Rufus and I have visited all of the locations to verify they are live and indeed great! We have visited more than 50 locations around the New Hanover area and these are the best of the best that we have seen (there were many great houses with lights but these stood out and are worth spending your time to visit).

The locations of the Christmas Lights have been broken into categories that can be visited either by driving by them or stopping and walking around admiring the lights and other Christmas decorations. I definately recommend taking your furry buddy with you whether walking or driving – they’ll love spending the holidays with you outside the house too!

WALK TO VIEW LIGHTS (go with your dog!)

  • A: Carolina Beach Lake (Carolina Beach – 400 S Lake Park Blvd.)
    Walk around the lake (around .75 mile walk) and view a large tree along 20-25 other individual Christmas light structures.
  • B: Downtown Wilmington (Wilmington – corner of Water St. and Market St.)
    Visit the large Christmas tree and also see some great Christmas window displays.
  • C: Jeff Gordon Chevolet (Wilmington – 228 S. College Rd.)
    Large outdoor Christmas lights (professionally done) that pulsates with Christmas music from your car radio at 88.3 FM and enjoy for as long as you’d like – it’s completely free!
  • D: Mayfaire (Wilmington – 6835 Conservation Way)
    See the large Christmas tree along with a show many nights of the week. Many of the stores have designed Christmas themese in shop windows (some done by high school students).

DRIVE TO VIEW LIGHTS (go with your dog!)

  • 1: Carya Drive
    Several neighbors compete yearly with great Christmas lights designs. Check out the awesome moving dinosaur and Santa snow machine.
  • 2: Melton Road
    One of the largest displays of Christmas lights and figures. A MUST see.
  • 3: Chelon Avenue
    Many houses on this street and neighboring streets with fantastic Christmas lights.
  • 4: Kirby Smith Drive
    In my opinion, the best one to go to. Listen to the Christmas songs on the radio as the lights are timed along with the music.
  • 5: N. Lumina Avenue
    A bar in Wrightsville Beach completely decked out in lights. Not much else to see in Wrightsville Beach (some nice lights on poles but nothing special), but nice looking.
  • 6: Buckhorn Court
    Cul-de-sac with surrounding houses joining in on the festive Christmas light theme.

Christmas Lights ‘In-Fur-Graphic’

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