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Thanksgiving For The Pets
THANKSGIVING FOR THE PETS: Tips & Info ×Check Out This Article’s IN-FURR-GRAPHIC at Bottom of Page!Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather around the table for holiday cheer and feasts, but, it also is a time for distress, and hazards, for our pets. Our pets may be thankful for some of the great food we might (and I definitely will) give them
Pet Travel 101: A 'Ruff' Guide
PET TRAVEL 101: A ‘RUFF’ How-To Guide On Vacations With Your Cat Or Dog ×Check Out This Article’s IN-FURR-GRAPHIC at Bottom of Page!Planning trips for yourself, or your family, is hard enough. But when you throw in your four-legged best bud too, it can get downright ‘ruff’! Whatever the reason for traveling, pleasure or business, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your pet behind.
Petflix and Chill Out
PETFLIX & CHILL OUT: Wilmy ‘Horror’ Wood ×Check Out This Article’s IN-FUR-GRAPHIC at Bottom of Page!We all love the candy that Halloween brings. We love letting loose while doing the ‘Monster Mash’. We love taking the kids to strangers houses for the afore said candy. We love dressing up as adults and going to parties and letting our inhibitions free for a short while. But
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Haunted Wilmington - 'Ghostly' Rufus
13 GHOSTS: Haunted Downtown Wilmington Dog Walk ×Check Out This Article’s IN-FURR-GRAPHIC at Bottom of Page!COPY TO COME #1: COTTON EXCHANGE 321 N Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401 Ever since the 1700’s, the area that houses The Cotton Exchange has been in use (originally known as known as Paddock’s Hollow -or Paddy’s Hollow to a few whom had a few too many drinks- included a
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(National) Black Cat Day
BLACK LIVES MATTER: (National) Black Cat Day ×Check Out This Article’s IN-FURR-GRAPHIC at Bottom of Page!Folklore and superstitions surrounding the black cat has been around for centuries — many of them claiming that the cats are cursed. Depending on where you live in the world, some of these superstitions may favor the black cat, while in other locations, fear and loathing are brought forth when
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