4th of July Pet Tips

How To Keep Pets Safe

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The 4th of July brings great pride and enjoyment to most Americans. It is a holiday in which we celebrate our country’s freedom. It is the perfect opportunity for all Americans (friends, family, neighbors) to come closer together and celebrate our country’s past, present, and future. We celebrate this holiday with barbeques, parades, and firework shows. It is a great time for all … except for maybe the family pet(s). In fact, most of our pets would probably like to forget this day ever existed and if possible, remove it from the history books ‘fur’ever.

Pets are able to sense that a change is coming — from the hustle and bustle of their human family, to the movement of furniture inside, to their outside space being invaded by new tables and lawn chairs. Strangers (sometimes many) invade their personal space and little children whom they are not familiar with possibly running around and screaming or interacting with them unproperly. But the worst is yet to come — BOOM. The explosions. The bright flashes of light.

As many pet owners will testify, fireworks can be and are terrifying to pets of all ages and sizes. They have no clue what is happening. Suddenly the quiet night flares up with deafening, ground shaking explosions and bright flashes of light. This is a truelly horrifying experience for a lot of pets. So, here are some helpful tips (and a few facts thrown in too) on how to make 4th of July a little easier on your pet.

We have also provided a helpful print-quality infographic that can be printed out for your convenience or even emailed to family and friends who may have pets.

4th Of July Pet Facts

  • More pets run away on the 4th of July than any other day of the year.
  • Animal shelters nationwide have claimed that July 5th is their busiest day of the year as people who have lost pets from the night before call/stop by to see if their pet may have been turned in/rescued
  • There is a 30% increase in the number of pets lost between July 4th and July 6th
  • On average, only about 14% of these lost pets are returned to their owner

4th Of July Pet Safety Tips

  • Never use fireworks around pets
    Many furry friends are afraid of fireworks and can get extremely hurt if they are exposed to them, according to the ASPCA. Fireworks can contain dangerous chemicals like potassium nitrate or arsenic, and can severely burn your pet.
  • Get Your Pet ID/Tagged
    Should your pet become scared and escapes, make sure they have their ID tag (or at least microchipped) on their collar to help them find their way back to you quicker
  • Have A Safe Place
    Provide your pet a safe place inside your home for your pet to get to — this may be their crate or bed. Be sure to check on them occasionally and let them know they are safe.
  • Exercise Your Pet
    To help keep your dog more relaxed for all the later turmoil the night may bring, make sure you have given them plenty of exercise earlier in the day.
  • Keep Your Pet(s) Inside
    Make sure your pet(s) are inside at all times during any gatherings and especially once the fireworks start going off. It would be best if they had human companionship at all times, but if not, at least check on them once in a while. Keep curtains closed to help keep the lights and sound to a minimum.
  • Toys & Treats
    Leave your pet with something fun to do — like a frozen kong with their favorite treat or some squeaky toys for them to play with. An active pet is a less stressed pet.

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Infographic: Pet Safety Tips for 4th of July