World’s First Kitty Cat Nightclub!

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Do you ever feel the need when you are out having a pint or two and sweating to the beat that you could just take a break and pet a cat? Well, someone obviously has! A nightclub in Japan does just that. The club is based on the same model as the popular Kitty Cafes around the world.

Do you think this is a CATerrific idea or would you be worried about all those hairballs on the dance floor? Let us know in the comments below.

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Named Neko, which is Japanese for cat, it is located in a large warehouse in downtown Tokyo.

Like the Kitty Cafes, the cats are allowed to roam free in specific ‘pet ‘n play’ areas. These areas will be soundproofed to ensure the cats’ comfort. All together will be three separate areas set aside for the cats — complete with comfortable seating, scratching posts and even catnip dispensers. They area located away from Neko’s main area and terrace.

“Think of these areas like chill out rooms,” Managing Director Tuki Yabe told the Tokyo Baka. “Our clubbers can alternate between dancing to world class DJs and hanging out with our pet cats. As a lifelong electronic music fan and dedicated animal lover, I thought this would be the perfect mix for the perfect club in Tokyo.”

“Choosing which felines live at Neko is as important as which DJs we book,” Tuki Yabe also said.  The cats (which will be around 120) have been obtained from around the world — including rare species from Holland and Thailand. They have even re-homed some homeless cats from the famous AoshimaIsland or ‘cat island’.

“We hope to offer a diverse range of cats,” he continued. “We’ll also be matching cats to music. The sleek, detailed Siamese goes perfectly with techno, though wouldn’t necessarily work with vocal house.”

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays will feature curated line-ups, and Sundays will be dedicated to ambient music allowing the cats to have free roam of the entirety of the club.

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