White SuPETmacists: Hate – Not A PAWsome Word

White SuPETmacists

Many four letter words have always been thought of as bad (or ugly) in the English language. This past weekend in Charlottesville, VA (8.11-8.13), another four letter word raised its’ ugly head – HATE. This word is symbolized with groups in the white suPETmacist movement (neo nazi, KKK, etc.).

We at CapeFearPets.com would like to promote some good four letter (pet) words (and videos) that showcases LOVE instead of HATE!

In the end, can’t we all get along and end this hate. If these ‘enemy’ breeds can do it, why can’t the human race do it too?!?

NOTE 1: We have highlighted the LOVING (pet) FOUR LETTER WORD in pink. Please excuse us for taking liberty in saying some two words (equal to 4 letters in all) is one word!

NOTE 2: In the above image we do not promote one animal over another as an evil/hateful animal. These are just photos of generic animal heads to create the graphic. Also their is no such movement as the White SuPETmacists (or at least we hope not!) – it is just a pet word pun to play on for this pet article.

(1) Cats and Dogs

(2) Bird and Cats

(3) A Dog and Duck

(4) Bear and A Dog

(5) A Cat and Pony

6) A Cat and Deer

(7) A Dog and Lamb

(8) Love of Variety of Animals