What Political PAWty Are You a Member Of? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

RePUGlican Vs. DemoCAT

It’s President Day and that means it is time to celebrate our great leaders – both present and past that have lead this PAWsome country in both good and troubling times. On this political holiday, confirm which political PAWty you are a member of (RePUPlican or DemoCAT) and proudly display it on your facebook page with the answer! Just answer the following questions to find out your political PAWty you favor (and even possibly a little bit about yourself too)!

Do you prefer individual sports or team sports?

Do you own your own or rent?

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

Have you completed a graduate degree?

Which magazine would you rather read.

Are you an early adopter to new technology or do you wait and see?

Are you more conservative or liberal?

What does your sense of humor lean towards?

Are you more fashion-conscious or fashion-challenged?

What type of music would you rather listen to?

Would you rather spend your time indoors or outdoors?

Are you male or female?

Which of the Beatles do you prefer?

Is your phone ringtone a popular song or generic tone?