What Kind of AfFURdable (Pet Health) Care Plan Would You Create?

AfFURdable (Pet Health) Care Act

August is National (Pet) Immunization Awareness Month. And what better way to make sure your pets are current on their shots (and healthy in all regards) than taking on the AFFURDABLE (Pet Health) CARE ACT!

There is a battle raging in the White ‘Dog’ House where current president DOGnald Trump (a RePUPlican) is trying to repeal and replace the AFFURDABLE (Pet Health) CARE ACT — Pet Health Insurance — created by former president BARKack Obama (a DemoCAT).

DOGnald Trump states the current coverage is said to help the poorer pets (by making the middle and upper class pets pay for poorer pets’ insurance) and he wants to replace it with a new insurance plan (to help the middle and upper class pets) with more afFURdable insurance by taking away credits for the poorer pets.

In the end, no matter which health plan is done (the current one by BARKack Obama or the new one trying to be created by DOGnald Trump), some pets will lose. Can you create a better Health Insurance Plan for Pets by making it ‘truly’ AfFURdable to all pets?

In order to make a truly great Pet Insurance plan, you must pretty much know all the facts or in the end it will end up just being some fluff while helping really no pet. How well do you know about Pet Insurance to create the best AFFURDABLE (Pet Health) CARE ACT? Tackle the following ten (10) questions and see what kind of plan you are able to create. Show your friends (and the Senate and Country) how it really is done by pasteing your own AFFURDABLE (Pet Health) CARE ACT result onto your facebook page!

P.S. This is for fun only. We are not promoting any particular party or president or health care plan. We are only taking current events and turning it into a fun pet quiz article!

What type of insurance are you more likely to file a claim for?