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Friday, November 17, 2017
The PAWnisher

The PAWnisher: The Guilty Will Be PAWnished!

Frank CATstle (of MEOWvel Comics and the upcoming PETflix show) transforms from a loving family cat into the vengeful PAWnisher after a criminal (his...
Social MeDOGia

Social MeDOGia – 12 Popular Social Media Outlets As Explained By Dogs

We use social media everyday - whether to catch up with our friends, to watch a funny video or learn how to do something...
Cats Are Better Than Men Header

11 Crazy Cat Lady Reasons On Why Cats Are Better Than Men

Men are great. They can open a jar of peanut butter.  But other than that, why are they here? In fact, most guys sweat and...
Wilmington Downtown Sundown Concert

Downtown Sundown MEOWsic Concert Series

This is a joke 'pet-pun' article on real bands playing. Underneath the 'pet' band name is the real bands name playing downtown Wilmington and...
Wells FURgo Championship: Eagles POINTER Golf Club

FORE! Wells FURgo Championship — Dogs and Golf!

FORE! Wells Fargo Golf Championship Tournament may now be over at Eagles Point Golf Club, but we here at Cape Fear Pets know that...
You SnooZZZE You LoZZZe - NOT!

You SnooZZZe, You LoZZZe – NOT! 11 Pets Snoozing.

Monday - a time when we would love to hit the snooze button on the clock again and again and again but unfortunately work...
AmeriCAT's Got Talent

AmeriCAT’s Got Talent! Videos of 8 Talented Pets!

We've all seen the amazing acts on America's Got Talent - singing and dancing to magic acts and even a hulu hoop burping act....
St. CATricks - History, Myths and Costumes

Saint CATricks Day – History, Myths and Costumes

Happy Saint CATricks Day! We all know the story of St. CATrick, right? Well, in case you don't, let me retell the 'tail' of...
Pet Spooning Header

Pets Spooning – 16 Photos of Total Closeness Cuteness

SPOONING - A form of cuddling in which the 'man' embraces the 'woman' from the back and fit together like spoons. Hence the word...
Mardi Paws - Pets At Mardi Gra

MARDI PAWS – 12 Pets Celebrating Mardi Gra

Today (February 28, 2017) is Fat Tuesday of Mardi Gra. Take a look at these pets celebrating Mardi Gra (or Mardi Paws as pets...