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Dr. FURkenstein - and his Pet MUTTster!

Dr. FURkenstein – And His Pet MUTTster!

You are Dr. FURkenstein's apprentice and are helping him make the perfect "Man's Best Friend"! Your task was to collect six different dog breeds...
Stephen BARKing - Tails of the Corn

Stephen BARKing: 7 Frightening and Horrifying Tails For Pets!

Horror. We as humans gobble this up - whether in book or movie form. With dozens of terrifying novels and movies - who does...

SuPURRnatural Pets — Get Ready For PURRgatory!

Take a haunting, thrilling and educational journey with Sam and Dean WinPETster (brothers) and CATstiel (an angel) into sinister, paranormal and suPURRnatural pet landscapes...