Tips to Choosing An Extraordinary Pet Sitter

Are you going out of town for that much needed vacation or traveling for work? Not sure what to do with Buddy or Fluffy. Instead of taking them to a kennel or burdening a family member or friend – have you thought of using a professional pet sitter?

Selecting a pet sitter takes a little more effort than dialing a random number you may see in the Yellow Pages. Here is a short general guideline on helping you choose your next pet sitter:

  1. Make sure the company is insured and bonded – for both your and their safety.
  2. You should have an initial Meet and Greet (this SHOULD BE FREE – if not DO NOT USE THEM). Make sure your pet is present and check to see how the potential sitter and your pet interact with each other. Is the comfort level of both the sitter and your pet good or is it bad?
  3. Let the sitter know exactly what is expected of them in terms of feeding, walking, cleaning, medication and even little things like watering the plants, checking mail, etc. You should verify the sitter can and is able to accommodate everything that you need done.
  4. Make sure you can contact the pet sitter through phone and/or email seven days a week.
  5. Does the pet sitter have any references? Ask to check them.
  6. Ensure the sitter has backup procedures in place should they have an emergency that prevents them from completing the assignment.