PET INVENTIONS: 17 “UNIQUE” Things To Make Your Pet and Your Life More PAWable and More Fun!

Check out these amazing (and maybe a few outlandish) new products and gadgets for every furry member of your family. These are some of the most PAWsome, BARKtastic and MEOWnique products ever to be invented to make both your pets’ and your life a little easier, a lot more fun and possibly even a little less hectic. PURRRuse the following and let your pets start experiencing a better life today!

(1) WARBY PARKER: Glasses For Dogs
Does your dog have a little trouble seeing but doesn’t like your standard ugly glasses. Then check these stylish eye wear from Warby Parker out!

SONY: Animalia (Products) techs for Pets
Sony is stoked to introduce first-ever line of technology products specially designed and created for pets. The Animalia lineup includes Sony-branded products targeted at owners with dogs, cats and hamsters such as the K9 4K TV, M3-OW Kitty Cans, and In-Cage Speakers.

(3) BARCLAYCARD: Credit Card For Your Dog
Are you tired of your dog mooching off you? Ready for him or her to start paying for their own treats? Then this is the product for you!

(4) T-MOBILE: Pets Unleashed – Phone Plan For Your Pet
We’re fed up with AT&T’s and Verizon’s human-only approach to wireless. That’s why we’re introducing Pets Unleashed – a new family plan that includes ALL family members, even if they lack opposable thumbs. That’s right, for $5 a month, we’ll add your cat, dog, guinea pig, turtle, alpaca, and any other four-legged furry friend (no spiders, though…Ewww!). Not only will they enjoy our blazing fast 4G LTE DataStrong Network, they’ll have access to unique offerings and apps like Fetch Freedom, Pet Translator and SnapCat. This is what the Un-carrier does. We find pain points, and we fix them. Your pets are already part of your family. They should be part of your family plan, too.

(5) ROSETTA STONE: Rosetta Stone Dog
They worked with the best veterinarians and audiologists in the world to help us finally understand what exactly is being said behind those puppy eyes. Learn how to speak dog now!

(6) GROUPON: Grouber – Transportation from Groupon
Have a groupon coupon you need to use but don’t have a way to get to the location or don’t fell like driving? Groupon has you covered. Don’t claw your way through traffic to get a ride to use your Groupon savings. Their drivers will get you there with laser precision. Let their cat drivers take you their in style! — “Our Ride, Our Cat, Your Treat — Right Meow”

Florida Atlantic University will allow students to bring pets to school next fall. They even offer a meal plan for pets, 15 campus cat trees, and a video explaining the program.

(8) ANALOG WATCH COMPANY: The Companion Collection – Watches Made From Your Pets’ Fur
Remaining true to their ethos to be, “Inspired by Nature,” their took inspiration from the animal kingdom by developing a custom-to-order timepiece that will immortalize you favorite furry friend. It’s only human nature to become family with your pets, so why not carry your best friend with you wherever you go?

(9) IKEA: Dog Highchair
Dog highchair is a safe, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced product to accommodate the growing demand for furniture that reflects today’s modern family.

(10) FETCH: Fetch – Perfume for Dogs
Dogs really love smelling butt. Now they can do it all the time​ with this new poofume for your dog. With its quiet but sensitive fragrance​ of poo along with notes of fresh mowed grass and just a hint of floral it’s the perfect way for them to release their inner bitch.​ Since a dog’s sense of smell is so sensitive they can pick up on the most “charming” part of the fragrance which in turn is completely undetectable to humans.

(11) PAWCULUS RIFT: Virtual Reality Goggles for Dogs
Bringiong the future of dog walking, fetch and more to your dogs’ livingroom!

(12) GOOGLE: Google Play for Pets
Introducing Google Play for Pets, a new category of games, apps and training tools to keep your pet stimulated. Wouldn’t it be great to keep your pets occupied when you’re not around? With Google Play for Pets, your furry friends can keep busy with thousands of games and apps throughout the day.

(13) GROUPON, UK: Learn How To Bark To Your Dog
This six-week course will help you truly understand what your dog is saying and enable you to converse back, using a series of specially formulated dog barks. During the course, you’ll learn how to communicate on a deeper level by barking simple phrases such as:
“Stop looking at me like that, this is my dinner, not yours”
“I promise you, fireworks will not kill you”
“Fart again and I’ll put you outside”

(14) PETCO: Petco Unleashed – Presidential Puppy Podium
Think this election’s gone to the dogs? Introducing the Presidential Puppy Podium food and water bowl stand – Only from Unleashed by Petco!

(15) >REI: Adventure Kitten Gear
Whether they’re bagging peaks or chasing butterflies, kittens love to have fun out in the fresh air. Every year more and more kittens are demanding high performance equipment made just for them. With this in mind, we’re pleased to introduce our exclusive new line of premium outdoor gear for adventourous kittens.
Kitty Adventure Gear

(16) REDBOX: PetBox – Rental Movies For Pets
Although your dog may lay silently on the couch during a movie of your choosing, it doesn’t mean they like it. Redbox understands this with their unveiling of “Petbox” – a smaller, animals only movie rental service.

(17) ZUMBA: Dance Class For Dogs
It’s the ultimate online fitness pawty: Zumba for Dogs! Get your dog back in shape for summer!


FOOLED YOU!!!!! All of these pet products are not real. I know I would love to have a couple of them for my dog. Maybe one day!