Off-Leash Dog Park Rules

While these rules may not apply to ALL dog parks, they do provide general info for the safety and enjoyment of both the dog and their owners!

  • Always Clean Up After Your Dog.
  • Children Under Age 12 Are Not Permitted.
  • Dogs Must Have Current License And Current Vaccinations.
  • Dogs That Act In An Aggressive Manner Must Be Muzzled Or Removed.
  • Persistent Mounting or Other Dominant Behavior Is Not Allowed.
  • Owners Are Responsible For Any Injuries Caused By Their Dogs.
  • Food & Toys Are Not Allowed In The Dog Park.
  • Active Supervision Of Dogs Is Required.
  • Do Not Leave Dogs Unattended.
  • Upon Entering Or Leaving The Dog Park, Dogs Must Be On A Leash At All Times.
  • Female Dogs In Heat Are Prohibited.
  • Puppies Less Than 4 Months Of Age Are Prohibited.