MARDI PAWS – 12 Pets Celebrating Mardi Gra

Mardi Paws - Pets At Mardi Gra

Today (February 28, 2017) is Fat Tuesday of Mardi Gra. Take a look at these pets celebrating Mardi Gra (or Mardi Paws as pets like to call it). So let’s go grab some beads, sling back a beer and in general have a PAWsome great time today! We have provided both a video and photos for your enjoyment!

Today is Fat Tuesday of Mardi Gra. Let's celebrate it by watching this cute Mardi Paws video (pets at Mardi Gra). Grab some beads, sling back a beer and have a PAWsome great day today!

Posted by Cape Fear Pets on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

1: I’m Having A Monsterous Good Time At Mardi Gra

2: Having A PURRRfectly Great Time At Mardi Gra

3: I Need More Beads!

4: Even Grandma MaMa Loves Mardi Gra

5: Mardi Gra 3 B’s: Beer, Babes and Beads

6: Bad To The Beads!

7: Let The Good Times Roll At Mardi Gra

8: He Has No Shame At Mardi Gra

9: It’s All About Da Beads

10: Clowing Around At Mardi Gra

11: You Want Me TO SHOW YOU WHAT For those Beads?

12: What Happens At Mardi Gra Stays At Mardi Gra