Report – Don’t Ignore: Hotlines Can Save Pet Lives

Report Animal Abuse - Animal Hotline Numbers

We are all aware of Smokey the Bear saying “Only Humans Can Prevent Forest Fires”. Or how about McRuff the Crime Dog statement of “Take a Bite Out of Crime.” Well, we at Cape fear Pets have one that goes too — “Report – Don’t Ignore — Hotlines Can Save Pet Lives.”

Everyday across America pets, wildife and other animals are being abused or hurt but they cannot speak up for themselves. Compassionate citizens and pet owners need to stand up and make a call when they see or hear something that is not right or suspect something is wrong. Animal cruelty on the whole goes unreported or not reported to the right authorities. Please take a moment and view some of the important numbers and websites to report cruelty to.

Humane Society of the United States Puppy Mill Tip Line
A national tip hotline concerning reporting possible puppy mills. Also for law enforcement official or animal control officer who needs assistance with a puppy mill cruelty case

Phone: 1.877.645.5847 (24/7)
Website: Click Here

PETA Animal Cruelty Hotline
Are you reporting that an animal is in imminent danger? Do you know specifically where to find this animal, and is the abuse or danger taking place right now? If so, please call your local police department. If the police are unresponsive, please call PETA immediately

Phone: 1.757.622.7382 (24/7)
Website: Click Here

Humane Society of the United States Dog-Fighting/Cockfighting Hotline
A nationwide tip hotline (since 2009) that takes calls on helping stop animal fighting (dog fights, cock, fights, etc.). The HSUS protects your identity if you call to report ands provide tips about dog fighting. You may earn up to $5,000 reward momney.

Phone: 1-877-TIP-HSUS (24/7)
Website: Click Here

We Tip Hotline
Help Put A Stop To Crime And Be 100% ANONYMOUS When Reporting Any Crime

1-800-78-CRIME (24/7)
Website: Click Here

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