Get in the Mad Zone for March PAWness! Can You Win the Final Fur?

March PAWness

It is now officially ‘March Madness’ and what better way to pay homage to this great month of exciting basketball games than for Cape Fear Pets to have our own March PAWness fun! Test your pet and basketball knowledge in our little quiz to see how you fare – will you ‘foul’ out in the first bracket game or will you possibly make it to the Final FUR or even win the whole tournament. Get in the madness now for March PAWness and see how well you play and let others know your ‘pet basketball’ skill once you finished!

Which cats made it to the Final Four in 2014 (IE what were the 4 most popular cat breeds in America based by Vet Street)?

1st: Siamese 2nd: Persian 3rd: Maine Coon 4th: Ragdoll