Dr. FURkenstein – And His Pet MUTTster!

Dr. FURkenstein - and his Pet MUTTster!

You are Dr. FURkenstein’s apprentice and are helping him make the perfect “Man’s Best Friend”! Your task was to collect six different dog breeds and bring them back to the laboratory to be assembled to make the greatest creation ever. On the way back with the specimens, your cart was knocked over and they all spilled out of their labeled cages and the dogs got jangled up together.

Not wanting to let Dr. FURkenstein know your mishap, you quickly grabbed the dogs and put them back in their correct labeled cage (or did you?)

Do you know the breed of each dog well enough to get the right dog into the correct labeled cage by breed and thus helping Dr. FURkenstein create the perfect dog masterpiece or will you in turn mis-label the dogs and instead help create a monstrous MUTTster?!?

These ‘messed up dog pieces’ are actually local Cape Fear dogs!

What Breed Is Oscar?

Meet Oscar - a Pug. He is a great guy that loves to sniff and explore the outside world but inside wants to just jump around on you and the sofa while being endless scratched!