FORE! Wells FURgo Championship — Dogs and Golf!

Wells FURgo Championship: Eagles POINTER Golf Club

FORE! Wells Fargo Golf Championship Tournament may now be over at Eagles Point Golf Club, but we here at Cape Fear Pets know that you can never get enough of golf (and their pets, and video/photos of golf dogs!). So get ready to head back to the course for the next round of golf (with the dogs!) with Wells FURgo Championship at Eagle POINTER Golf Club! Let these three famous golfers show you what happens when golf goes to the dogs:-) FURRe!

Tiger Woofs
Behind every great golfer is an even greater dog. PARtake on this gallery journey with one of the greatest golfers ever – Tiger WOOFs – as he shows you some other golf greats and their dogs!


Arnold PawlmerLegendary golfer Arnold PAWlmer takes you on the rounds to watch these pawsome dog golfers make a hole-in-one, play the ball where-ever it lies and even a dog caddy!



John DoglyBad Boy (and Wild Thing) golfer John DOGly is known for his wild antics, crazy outfits and well plenty of other things on and off the course. Time to tee it up, Grip It and Rip It with these photos of Wild (Dog) Things on the course and in their outfits!