Downtown Sundown MEOWsic Concert Series

Wilmington Downtown Sundown Concert

This is a joke ‘pet-pun’ article on real bands playing. Underneath the ‘pet’ band name is the real bands name playing downtown Wilmington and also a link to their website/facebook page.

It’s summertime and what better way to enjoy it than with a cold drink, some friends and MEOWsic to your ears from a variety of great ‘PET’ bands! Each Friday from May 26 to September 1 (2017) come on to downtown Wilmington and listen to the best bands around. Some are original bands, some are cover bands … but they all will have you pumping your paws in the air and howling out into the night! So if looking for the best BARK-N-Roll around, Downtown Sundown MEOWsic Concert Series has it!

This event is free to attend. Wristbands are sold for $1 per person to those who wish to drink alcohol. Half of the proceeds from wristband sales benefit a different charitable organization each night. Beer and wine tickets are sold for $5 each. No pets or outside beverages allowed.


Real Band: Satisfaction (Rolling Stones Cover Band)

  1. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfurrtion ((I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction)
  2. SymPEThy for the Devil (Sympathy for the Devil)
  3. It’s Only Bark ‘N’ Roll (It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll)

FRIDAY, June 2:
The Allman BARKers Band

Real Band: Skydog (The Allman Brothers Cover Band)

  1. Scratching Post (Whipping Post)
  2. Barkin’ Man (Ramblin’ Man)
  3. Jessicat (Jessica)

FRIDAY, June 9:
The BreakFETCH Club

Real Band: The Breakfast Club (variety cover band)

  1. Here I Pee Again (White Snake – Here I Go Again)
  2. Gravy Train (Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train)
  3. B.A.R.K. In The U.S.A. (John Cougar Mellencamp – R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. )

FRIDAY, June 16:
Red Hot Chili PUPpers

Real Band: Funky Monks (Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover Band)

  1. CaliFURRnication (Californication)
  2. Under The Collar (Under The Bridge)

FRIDAY, June 23:
Dustin ArBARKla and the Damnations

Real Band: Dustin Arbuckle and the Damnations

  1. Woman Down In Barkansas (Woman Down in Arkansas)
  2. PURRgatory (Purgatory)
  3. The Brown Pooper (The Brown Bomber)

FRIDAY, June 30:
Zac BREED Band

Real Band: 20 Ride (Zac Brown Cover Band)

  1. Paws (Toes)
  2. As She’s Barking Away (As She’s Walking Away)
  3. Beautiful Dog (Beautiful Drug)

FRIDAY, July 7:

Real Band: Red Zepplin (Led-Zeppelin Cover Band)

  1. Carride to Heaven (Stairway To Heaven)
  2. Since I’ve Been Petting You (Since I’ve Been Loving You)
  3. CATshmir (Kashmir)

FRIDAY, July 14

Real Band: Mocktallican (Metallica Cover Band)

  1. Kibble in the Jar (Whiskey in the Jar)
  2. The UnFURRgiven (The Unforgiven)
  3. For Whom Pavlov’s Bell Tolls (For Whom The Bell Tolls)

FRIDAY, July 21:

Real Band: Wrong Way (Sublime Cover Band)

  1. SanPETteria (Santeria)

FRIDAY, July 28
POO Fighters

Real Band: Hey Johnny Park (Foo Fighters Cover Band)

  1. Learn to Fetch (Learn to Fly)
  2. The PETtender (The Pretender)
  3. My Husky (My Hero)

FRIDAY, August 4:
Wagging Tails

Real Band: Same As It Ever Was (Talking Heads Cover Band)

  1. BARKing Down the House (Burning Down the House)
  2. Kitties (Cities)
  3. Life During Wooftime (Life During Wartime)

FRIDAY, August 11:

Real Band: Appetite For Destruction (Guns N Roses Cover Band)

  1. Sweet Cat O’ Mine’ (Sweet Child O’ Mine’)
  2. PETience (Patience)
  3. Welcome to the Dog House (Welcome to the Jungle)

FRIDAY, August 18:

Real Band: 42 Coldplay (Coldplay Cover Band)

  1. Collars (Clocks)
  2. Groom Ers (Green Eyes)
  3. A House Full of Pets (A Sky Full of Stars)

FRIDAY, August 25:

Real Band: Abby Road Live (The Beatles Cover Band)

  1. I Want To Hold Your Paw (I Want To Hold Your Hand)
  2. A Hard Dog Fight (A Hard Day’s Night)
  3. Sgt. PUPper’s Lonely Hearts Club Pack (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band)

FRIDAY, Sepember 1:

Real Band: Departure (Journey Cover Band)

  1. Don’t Stop Barkin’ (Don’t Stop Believin’)
  2. When You Love A Human (When You Love A Woman)
  3. FaithFURRly (Faithfully)