Can YOU Win Super Bowl LI? Guess these 10 NFL Players (and their dogs)!

Can You Win Super Bowl LI?

It’s Super Bowl LI and your team has the ball. It is 4th quarter, 4th down and you are on your own 20-yard line with less than 20 seconds left on the clock and you are down with the score of 0-3. Will you be able to get a touchdown and win the game (guess 9 out of 10 players correctly), tie the game with a field goal (guess between 5 and 8 players correctly) or will you not score at all and the bowl game be a shutout and your team is the laughing stock of Super Bowls (only get 4 or less players correctly)?

You’re the quarterback now. All eyes are on you. The hopes and dreams of your team winning the ring are on you. Will the head coach get gatorade dumped onto him because of you? Will you become the VIP and go to Disney Land after the game? The ball is snapped, and the play is …….

Atlanta Falcons: Linebacker

Sean Weatherspoon
source: instagram