AmeriCAT’s Got Talent! Videos of 8 Talented Pets!

AmeriCAT's Got Talent

We’ve all seen the amazing acts on America’s Got Talent – singing and dancing to magic acts and even a hulu hoop burping act. But what about our furry best friends – don’t they need an outlet too to showcase their amazing talent? Well, now there is. Check out these amazing pets in ‘AmeriCAT’s Got Talent’!

Hank the Bulldog: Skateboarding

Otis The Pug: Skydiving

Twiggy the Squirrel: Water Skiing

Einstein The Parrot: Voice Impressions

Pumba the Pig: Trick Performing

Nana The Border Collie: Dog Tricks

Nora the Cat: Piano Playing

Netop the Dog: Painting (Cape Fear’s own Talented Pet!!!)